Stripping roller

Machine designed to assist the tasks of skinning in the cattle-beef.

With this machine we can get a maximum exploitation of the skin, as well as facilitating the task of skinning.

The machine consists of a drum powered by a motor-electric, so that the top of the skin of the animal is attached by two strings to said drum. As this drum will be collecting the strings, these are tearing off the skin of the animal, so that once collected in its entirety, the skin is deposited in the drum, and the animal is a soldier of the chains of her. To prevent the animal is able to move and hinder the operation of the front legs are anchored to the foot which is located in the front of the machine by chains.

To both sides of the drum there are two platforms on which are placed two operators that accompanied the tour of the operation, so they are separating the skin from the flesh of the animal, to avoid that this can rupture.


Skinner V-80, can be easily integrated into all types of lines in the slaughterhouse (manual, mechanized, etc...).
It consists of 2 columns in stainless steel. Monochasis that provides support to 2 working platforms. The roller rocker allows skinning the hind legs in the high position, this also ensures a good skinning of the shoulders and head is in the basic position. The roller, Stainless steel., it is set in the ends of the roller allows unenrollamiento of the skin and disengage the automatic of the same, since that rotates in two directions by a hydraulic motor. Hydraulic power plant, a power of 20 Hp contribute to more than a few good movements. 2 hydraulic Jacks allow the ascent and descent of the chassis along the columns of Stainless steel. Hydraulic system of suspension of the channel ensures the clamping on the decline in the skinning, not supporting the effort, the road or the cars.

TETANIZADOR: System of electric shock parapermitir a best skinning and suppress the injuries of the spinal column. Avoid holding the hands of the animal to a third point. Hydraulic control-progressive located on one of the platforms. Electrical cabinet with separation of powers.

– Production: 80 cattle/hour.
– Mechanism: Hydraulic.