Add-ons and Accessories


Car hot stainless steel with four wheels fixed in nylon Capacity of 250 liters./350 litres to 500 litres.

Sierra cornered Bovine

Band saw for splitting of bovine animals, without wastage due to detachment of sawdust.

Weight: 90 Kg.
Total length: 1500 mm
Internal circuit: refrigerated.
Motor waterproof


Desfibrinador – Beater of blood, Manufactured in stainless steel to remove the fibers of the blood. Has a damper pneumatic evacuation


Table of cutting

Equipment hygiene and disinfection

We have different teams of hygiene and disinfection for meat industries:
Wash hands
Lava boots
Lava aprons
Sterilizers for knives
Satellites cleaning
Fords health

Elevator column

Pallet of stainless steel. With a fork, box, spear, bomb, and shafts of polished stainless steel.
Swing arms and bars of pressure of robust manufacturing.
Forks tandem high-quality, resistance to salt and cleaning products.


Elevator column, Made of stainless steel.
Transmission by means of screw without end.
Suitable for lifting cars cutter 200 Litres.

Esquinadora automatic

The new machine, splitting machine is specially designed for the automatic cutting of channels in slaughterhouses.

This machine offers the possibility of working in continuous mode, in the line of slaughter without any stops or gaps, avoiding the usual stops to perform the operation of splitting.

Its location is air with the channel in the area of angular, this isolates the main mechanical parts of a possible exposure to the contact of the channels, getting a perfect hygiene and cleanliness of the facility.

Its operation consists of a sub-set of blades guided and rigid to ensure the movements of kinematic characteristic of the cutting of carcasses of pigs.

The vertical displacement that perform these blades are guided between two vertical columns that are stopped one meter from the ground, therefore, the width of the active machine is anchored to 500 mm

There is the possibility, depending on the needs of the client, include the cutting of the head or just stop at the last vertebra.

Production: 450 P/h Max.
Low noise level.
Manufactured in stainless steel.