Box Dazed

Box of swine, manufactured with tubular profiles and IPN in steel-42, coating, sheet metal of great thickness, fully hot dip galvanized.

Entrance door guillotine type, side rocker there is an opening in front of the entrance door to facilitate the stun manual of the animal, after the completion of the operation stunned the animal comes out stunned by the side door to the area of bleeding.

Box Dazed

Machine designed to facilitate the tasks of stunned cattle pig. It consists of a box of fixed assets built in stainless steel with parts in polyethylene (optional). The animal from the pens are closer to the front door accompanied by the operator. Door entry pneumatic drive, once inside the operator closes the door to which the animal is unable to go back. Side door exit with pneumatic drive and maneuver to close in two stages. Side of opening, according to customer's need.

Once the process of stunned the operator assigned to this operation opens the side door for the animal to come out.

All dampers are actuated by the operator by means of a device that is easy to use.

Box Dazed with constant-current high-frequency

Animal welfare and cost-effectiveness
Animal welfare is improved due to a stretch of lull prolonged
Accurate synchronization between the transport system and the stunning using servo-drives, with guidance system linear
Motor unit to the end of the transport system – thus preventing injuries and producing only a little wear on the elements bearers of PVC sturdy
Speed continuously adjustable
Control the current stun record digital data
Identification optimum of the animals using a combination of light grids and ultrasonic sensors
All the steel parts executed completely in stainless steel

Box Stunned using CO2

Machine designed for the anesthetized pigs using gas CO2. The machine consists of a bed for the night animal by gas inhalation.

The pigs are introduced in a drawer of galvanized steel and are relegated to a den in which to breathe in the CO2. After a cycle of approximately 120 seconds, pigs go by the side of the machine as anesthetized. The concentration of this gas is between 70% and 80%. This is collected in a pit that is located at a minimum depth of 3.3 meters (depth which varies depending on the production) to prevent workers can breathe in error such gas. The machine is equipped with a pump for evacuation of fluids, as well as mining equipment CO2. The drawers are anchored to a chain which is driven by a geared motor.

Both the entry of live animals, such as the output of anesthetized animals are controlled by the operator, so that the machine can not move until the operators have done their corresponding operations.The estimated consumption of gas is 300 grams per animal during the process of work, logically, to perform such work has previously been due to fill the tank.

Better bleeding.
Lower rate of broken legs.
Lower rate of broken ridges.